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Shalvoy Running

Adventure More!


At Shalvoy Running, we believe that running makes people better versions of themselves.  We recognize that the world we live in today – full of comforts and ease – gives us the opportunity to choose the activities that we partake in to push our physical and mental limits and in turn grow as athletes and humans.  To us, running is a lifestyle.  It is a practice that allows us to uncover our weaknesses, find our strengths and work to improve both in an exciting way!   We run because we love the sport and we want to help you reach your goals as well – whatever they may be!

Who We Are

Graham grew up playing competitive soccer in high school and college but it wasn't until he met Corinne post college that he found joy in running.  He has since fallen in love with the trails and running in the mountains and tries to get there every chance he can!

Corinne has been running since she was 12 years old.  Growing up in the San Juan Mtns of Colorado, she learned an appreciation for big mountains and rugged terrain.  After running Track and Cross Country in school she started exploring the trails and has never looked back!

We'd love to hear from you!

Want to get started or ask more questions? Email us at or use the contact form below. 

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